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Our approach to financial planning is defined by a process; a process that provides you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision. By taking a holistic, comprehensive approach, we work with you and your existing advisors to ensure your financial plan is coordinated and fully integrated.

We do this through a defined six-step financial planning process as shown below:

Step 1: Concept Interview

  • Understand your goals, your concerns and any financial planning you’ve already done
  • Identify areas where we may be able to help
  • Establish a fee
  • Secure basic documents.

Step 2: Comprehensive Data Gathering

  • Formalize working relationship.
  • Gather appropriate financial data, objectives and risk tolerances.
  • Discuss and establish goals.
  • Discuss attitudes, views and concerns.

Step 3: Financial Plan Design

  • Review fact finder and assess status relative to goals, objectives and attitudes.
  • Analyze and evaluate current financial status.
  • Confirm and clarify data.
  • Prepare preliminary financial plan.
  • “Try-on” ideas; including key advisors, as needed, and refine recommendations.

Step 4: Formal Financial Plan Presentation

  • Present final financial plan document.
  • Answer Questions
  • Establish action plan.

Step 5: Implementation

  • Coordinate with other advisors
  • Review and recommend specific financial instruments necessary to implement financial plan.
  • If desired, assist in implementing your financial plan.
  • Secure prestige recommendations.

Step 6: Review & Service

  • Analyze ongoing issues.
  • Make adjustments as your situation changes.
  • Keep financial planning updated/current.